My gilfriend says that my sperm never tasted better! Sometimes after masturbating I wish that I could suck my own dick.
- Bill

It's like she's addicted to how my sperm tastes, she always wants to give me blowjobs.
- Alex

My wife always wants to suck my cock and usually I have problems with keeping it hard
- Jason

Frequently Asked Questions about Yummy Cum

How to use the product?
You will achieve best results if you use 2 pills per day, taken with a large glass of water. Another option is to take 6 pills of Yummy Cum about 3 hours prior a blow job. This is also effective for some client.

What are the ingredients of Yummy Cum?
Yummy Cum is made of natural fruit and spice extracts. Its ingredients include pineapple, acai, wheat grass and cinnamon.

Does it cost any negative side effects?
There are no known side effects of Yummy Cum. However, in case your experience any discomfort or adverse effects, you should stop using the product and consult a doctor.

Is Yummy Cum really effective?
Yes, it is. Various independent tests have proven that the product is 100% effective. Participants in these tests reported a significant improvement of the cum flavour and sweetness.

When can I expect the results?
First results can be noticed after the first day of usage. Optimal improvement will be achieved within 5 days.

How can I pay?
We offer our clients some different payment methods, including credit card and bank transfer. Orders and payments are processed via encrypted servers, so they are secure and convenient.

How long does the shipping take?
Orders are shipped from New Zealand after we receive payment. You can choose between Airmail shipping which takes 5-12 days, and Courier shipping that takes 2-5 days.

Is there any guarantee?
Yes, we offer a 60-day money back guarantee because we are absolutely sure Yummy Cum will make your semen sweeter. In case you are not satisfied with the achieved results, you can send us back one open bottle and an unlimited number of unopened bottles within 60 days after the purchase. You will receive a full refund.